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For providers looking to receive the benefits of becoming a provider in our network


For groups looking to access the Velocity National Provider Network


Who We Are


Velocity National Provider Network is a type of health insurance arrangement that connects individuals with a network of healthcare providers, such as doctors, hospitals, and specialists. VNPN offers a unique blend of flexibility and choice, allowing members to receive medical care from both in-network and out-of-network providers. One distinctive feature of VNPN is the freedom to nominate and invite new Providers into the network. VNPN provides cost savings for members who choose to receive care from in-network providers, as these services are covered at a higher rate by the insurance plan. Overall, VNPN empowers individuals to personalize their healthcare experience while maintaining a balance between choice and affordability. We put the choice in the hands of the members.

Why Choose Us?


All markets are different. Reimbursement rates have been set to meet the needs of Providers, Payors, and Members.

Market Competitive Reimbursement Rates

From coast to coast we've crafted a holistic network of Providers ranging in specialty to help deliver care in all markets.

Nationwide Coverage

We've implemented cutting edge technology that's brand new to the Healthcare industry that provides efficiencies to help design the network and deliver it in an efficient manner.

Cutting Edge Technology

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